Having a broken heart
is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.
Right here,
in this naked space between two stories
I sit with my brave self, and smile.
Lucky me!
How much more do I get to love?
How many lives do I get to live?


The Red Road

The lie of who I think I am
Doesn’t fly with me anymore
I’d rather soar
On the brave wings of becoming
Prayer by prayer
Calculating the storm
With eagles by my sideScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 4.15.56 PM
Inspired by the helpful words of George Grey Eagle Bertelstein
Photography by Phillip Colla

No title

All she needed to do
was to dare to love him so deeply
that in the darkest depths she discovered
how bravely she had loved herself
all along

Sometimes I am stuck
Between a rock and a soft dog
And it suits me just fine.11080857_10153360618364258_2219806017282215567_o

Photography by Matthew Schoening

Up in smoke

The other day
I made a big grateful fire
Right in the middle of me

In it, I placed my hard feelings
Along with some problems
and any other dusty fears I had lying around

Up and out they went
In blossoming clouds of smoke
Until the whole sky was blessedIMG_1453

The old man

There is a man in my apartment building
I can hear his quiet footsteps through the ceiling
He is as old as the hills
and has a much better view of them than I do
So one day I asked him:
What makes for a happy life?
He leaned in, winked and said:
“Who am I to judge?”

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 6.30.52 PM

Lady Shasta

The White Lady
loves the Black Bear
She loves his brave life
She loves his brave death
She loves the very life
his death would create
She is the solid ground
that holds him up
or swallows him whole
She holds the sacred space
for him to roam
or fly